Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll at our registration page. Once we confirm your enrollment, you will be sent a confirmation email with all the details necessary to participate in the challenge

We encourage participants to do research and find whatever data they can to improve the state of their AI solution.

However, to maintain the spirit of competition and fairness, we require that any data being used must be made available to all participants free of cost. Therefore, all the external data that you use must be reported to the organizers by emailing at

Here is the list of datasets used by some of the participants:

Yes. as long as the model weights are:
  1. publicly available
  2. free of charge
  3. reported to the organizers
they are permitted for use just like any other external data.
Strictly speaking, NO. But there will be stages of the challenge where the participants will have to use simple technologies like APIs, SSH, and the Linux terminal to do things like submit results and remotely set up their model in a dev environment. Instructions for these will be provided by the organizers and you can always reach out for help at if you get stuck.
You will get a follow up email within 24 hrs. If you think it has been more than 24 hrs please reach out to us.
We are using a format similar to coco format.
{"bbox": [x, y, width, height]}
where x, y are the coordinates of the top left corner of the bounding box.

Sometimes, when the form is already submitted and the submission page has not been redirected, the user clicks multiple times and this error appears. In most of the cases the registration information is successfully received, but still reach out to us and we will let you know the exact status.

Please make sure that your submissions are using the coco format:
{"bbox": [x, y, width, height]}
where x, y are the coordinates of the top left corner of the bounding box.
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