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Register for Motive AI Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to solve an object detection problem in Dashcam images using Computer Vision and Deep Learning. The competition will start in the mid of May, will run for about six weeks and the winners will be announced at the AI Connect conference, in July 2022. Top three teams will be awarded cash prizes.

The Problem

Object Detection for Dashcam Images

For AI to be able to provide driver safety, detection of road users primarily the vehicles on the road as well as the traffic lights and stop signs is crucial.

The task in the challenge is to detect objects (like vehicles, road signs, traffic signals etc) in road facing dash cam images. The participants are to train their ML/DL models on the provided data and submit predictions as bounding boxes and class labels for each type of vehicle (car, truck, bus, other), stops signs (single class label) and traffic lights. Any combination of Computer Vision and ML/DL models can be used to achieve the desired results.

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The released dataset consists of 45k images. Additional data will be released at later stages for evaluation.
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Training Images
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Testing Images
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Evaluation Images


Stage 1:
May 13th - June 30th
Train and Test
Train the model using the provided training set. A public testset has also been provided. The output for this set which will determine the ranking on the Public LeaderBoard.
Stage 2:
July 1st - July 4th
Get into Top 10

After you have trained your models, you will be provided with the private testset-1. The performance here will determine the ranking on the Private LeaderBoard. Top 10 teams on this leaderboard will move to the final stage.

Stage 3:
July 5th - July 8th
... and Win

The private testset-2 will be released to the top 10 teams. The performance on this set will determine the top 3 teams (Winners).


2nd Place
3rd Place


  1. Students: Students residing in Pakistan, studying at any school, college or university may participate.
  2. Early stage Researchers and Professionals: Individuals who are not currently studying at any institution are also eligible, provided they should have obtained their last degree no earlier than 1st January, 2018.
  3. A team may consist of at most 2 participants. In case there are two persons in the team, both the participants should meet the eligibility criteria.
  1. All teams must make sure that their results are reproducible. Any team may be asked to reproduce the results at any time before the final results are announced.
  2. If participants use any data for model training, other than the training data shared in this competition, they must share that data with other participants, free of cost. This can be done by emailing the data source to the organizers. Such data must be reported before the enrollment deadline.
  3. Top 10 teams will be asked to validate their solution on a private test set. This validation will be done by setting up the training/inference framework on a linux cloud instance, that will be provided by the organizers.
  4. Top 3 teams will be required to present their solutions (methodology/ design/ data augmentation etc.). The expected duration for each presentation will be no more than 10 minutes.
  5. In case of a tie, the earliest submission will be considered.
  6. All times used in the documents and emails will be in Pakistan Standard Time (PST) with day start at 00:00:00 hrs and day end at 23:59:59 hrs.

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify the team, in case any member of the team:

  1. Provides false information about themselves, including, but not limited to, their work experiences and educational qualifications.
  2. Engages in unethical or illegal behavior during the competition.
  3. Fails to observe the competition rules.

The training and test data sets are provided under Motive’s data license.

A summary of the core points is as under:

  1. Under this License the Contestant is granted a temporary, revocable, non-exclusive, and royalty free right to use, download, and create a derivative work using the Dataset solely for the purpose of participating in the AI Challenge.
  2. The Contestant agrees to delete any copies of the Dataset, or portion of the Dataset, after completion of the AI Competition. Any machine learning models created by the Contestant during the AI Competition using the Dataset belong to the Contestant and may be retained.
  3. The Contestant may not:
    1. Use the Dataset, or any portion of the Dataset, for any other purpose;
    2. Copy the Dataset, or any portion of the Dataset;
    3. Upload the Dataset, or any portion of the Dataset, to a server;
    4. Sell, license, sublicense, rent, transfer or distribute the Dataset, or any portion of the Dataset; and
    5. Claim ownership of the Dataset, or any portion of the Dataset.

Details of the License are available in a separate document in the folder containing the data

Rules related to Data, Evaluation and Submission Formats can be found with the data files.


Compete. Get rewarded and recognized for your skills.

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