July 13 & 14, 2022

Enabling AI
in Pakistan

Join us for AI Connect, Motive’s inaugural AI conference; hear from some of world’s top AI researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors as they share their experiences and inspire the next generation of AI talent.

About the conference

Why AI Connect?

The goal is to inspire the next generation of engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs by showcasing what’s happening in Pakistan in the AI space and highlighting the global AI opportunity. 

With the event, we want to:

  • Create visibility for AI/ML progress in Pakistan
  • Share local/international product & research success stories
  • Build a platform for the community to connect with each other

We hope that this event will also help bridge the industry/academia gap, and inspire the broader engineering talent towards AI. 


Global AI resources made available to you locally.

Expert Talks

Leading AI experts from Pakistan and beyond, from industry and academia discuss how they’re using AI, ML and DL technologies to solve real-world problems. They will also discuss the impact of AI on our social and personal lives.

Research Presentations

Presenters will describe the local and global research landscape. Get insight on cutting edge publications from the top organizations and universities. Learn how the latest AI research is changing the frontiers of theory and practice.

Industry & Startup

Your chance to recruit new talent and learn what investors are looking for. Explore mentorship and guidance opportunities and ways to find product market fit. 

Conference Program

Day 1 (July 13)


Registration Begins


Welcome Note

Shoaib Makani & Inderjeet Singh 


The Social Metaverse: Realistic Interactions in Artificial Reality

Dr Yaser Sheikh


Turning Science Fiction into Reality

Sarah Tariq


Fireside Chat with Ankit Jain

Hosted by Mahlaqa 


Tea & Networking


Future of Mobility

Baber Sheikh & Mohamad Charfeddine


Internet of Orals​
Dr Agha Ali Raza


Lunch & Networking


Fireside Chat with Bilal Zuberi

Hosted by Dr Sohaib Khan


PackageX: A Journey from Deep Learning to Hand Crafting

Dr Faisal Shafait


Poster Session & Tea


Anomalous events detection in videos

Dr Arif Mahmood


Enabling AI Research in Pakistan

A Panel Discussion with Dr Yaser Sheikh, Dr Ihsan Qazi, Dr Faisal Shafait, and Dr Sarfaraz Khursheed
Moderated by Dr Maryam Mustafa

Day 2 (July 14)


Registration Begins


Kick Off

Siva Gurumurthy


Jobs in AI and Advice for Engineers

Panel Discussion with Selim Turki, Sarah Tariq, Manu Sharma, and Dr Faisal Shafait 
Moderated by Inderjeet Singh


Fireside Chat with Qasar Younis

Hosted by Umair Tajammul


Mapping Economic Wellbeing

Dr Mohsen Ali


Tea & Networking


Building fast growing AI startups

Wardah Inam


Transforming Driver Safety with AI
Team Motive


AI for Road Safety

Dr. Sohaib Khan 


Data Centric AI
Russell Kaplan


Lunch & Networking


Addo's AI Journey
Dr Faisal Kamiran


Enabling AI Startup/Industry in Pakistan

A Panel Discussion with Faisal Aftab, Ali Rehan, and Zafar Khan
Moderated by Khurram Zafar


Connect with the brightest minds in AI.

Yaser Sheikh

Director - Facebook Reality Labs

Yaser is Director of Meta Reality Lab, which he co-founded in 2015 to focus on building telepresence solutions, enabling remote interactions in AR/VR that are indistinguishable from reality.

Qasar Younis

Founder & CEO - Applied Intuition

Before founding Applied Intuition, Younis was a Partner and COO of Y Combinator, a prominent venture accelerator in Silicon Valley. Prior to Y Combinator, Younis founded a technology firm, which was later acquired by Google.

Shoaib Makani

Co-Founder & CEO - Motive

Shoaib founded Motive with the belief that connectivity and automation could unlock the potential of businesses that power the physical economy. He holds a BSc in Government and Economics from LSE.

Sarah Tariq

VP Autonomous Driving S/W - NVIDIA

Sarah leads the team responsible for Nvidia’s perception, localization, mapping, prediction, planning and control stacks. Earlier at Zoox, Sarah helped develop autonomous driving in challenging urban environments.

Russell Kaplan

Head of Nucleus - Scale AI

Nucleus is Scale’s dataset management platform for ML teams. Before joining Scale, Russell was the founder and CEO of Helia AI, a computer vision startup acquired by Scale in 2020.

Warda Inam

Co-founder & CEO - Overjet

She has been ranked one of the the 32 most influential people in dentistry by Incisal Edge. Prior to founding Overjet, she led product management at a Silicon Valley based healthcare startup Q Bio.

Baber Shaikh

SVP of Engineering, Mobility - Careem
Baber has 20+ years of progressive engineering management & leadership experience with expertise in delivering highly visible products and strategic business opportunities.

Ankit Jain

Founder & CEO - Infinitus
Ankit Jain is a serial entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of healthcare automation company, Infinitus Systems, Inc. Earlier, he was a Founding Partner at Gradient Ventures and a Director of Engineering at Google.

Mohsen Ali

Asst Professor - ITU Lahore
Mohsen is teaching at ITU and runs the Intelligent Machines lab. He works on multi-disciplinary problems and has won multiple awards and grants from Google, Facebook, National Geographic and Microsoft.

Selim Turki

Head of Data & AI - Careem
Selim is the Head of Data & AI at Careem, looking after data; from its point of origin (multiple applications) and processed for consumption via Analysis and Visualisation, Heuristics and ML models.

Mohamad Charafeddine

VP of Product for Mobility Platform - Careem
Dr. Charafeddine leads mobility platform and oversees the product management function covering the Captain, Marketplace, and Trust & Safety products. Earlier, he worked at Samsung as a Director of Applied AI RnD team.

Khurram Zafar⁩

Managing Partner - 47 Ventures Investments
Khurram is the Managing Partner of 47 Ventures, a Pakistan-focused VC fund with a portfolio comprising of health-tech, retail-tech, mobility, ad-tech and mobile gaming companies.

Bilal Zuberi

General Partner - Lux Capital
Bilal Zuberi is a General Partner at Lux Capital. He is attracted to startups that solve big, practical problems with technically ambitious solutions, across industries and stages.

Dr Faisal Kamiran

President - Addo

Dr Faisal is the co-founder and President of Addo. He has over 12 years experience on creating data analytics solutions to guide government and corporate entities and is an Associate Professor at ITU in Lahore

Dr Faisal Shafait

Professor - SEECS, NUST
Dr Shafait has 15+ years of research and teaching experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the primary focus on computer vision and document image analysis.

Faisal Aftab

Co-Founder - Zayn Capital

Faisal is the Managing Partner of Zayn BitRate Fund, a venture capital fund with focus on seed stage ventures in Pakistan. He has also been an investor in multiple Funds and an active Angel Investor for over 15 years.

Dr Agha Ali Raza

Assistant Professor - LUMS

Dr Agha Ali Raza is an Assistant Professor at LUMS and the founding director of the Center for Speech and Language Technologies (CSaLT). He received his Ph.D. from the Language Technologies Institute, at CMU.

Inderjeet Singh

VP Eng (Safety & Compliance) - Motive

Inderjeet heads engineering for AI, Safety, & Compliance products at Motive. He at Sun Microsystems and helped create the J2EE platform. Later at Google, he led the team to build the first payments system for Google Play.

... and more

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Manu Sharma

Founder & CEO - Labelbox

Manu is an engineer, designer, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Labelbox, an AI infrastructure software company. Earlier, he co-founded renewable energy and space exploration companies.

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